“Until the world falls asleep,”

This is a daily memorandum by the Japanese who continue to learn foreign languages.
The contents of the diary may or may not have really happened.

For me, who was born and raised in Japan, languages ​​other than Japanese deserve “foreign languages”. And for me, who was born and raised in Japan, surely I know a little about how terrifying “foreign language” is for the people of this island country. We usually study English from the age of compulsory education, but few Japanese become able to “speak” “English” simply by completing their curriculum. And most Japanese (as I was also) think that “foreign language” is only “English.” There are many causes and challenges for it, but it is also regrettable that those problems are not the kind of things that can be changed overnight.

By the way, as the author of this diary, for only one year, I studied the language of the country in a small but great country in Eastern Europe. The language, Czech, was more than sufficient to let me know that “a foreign language is not just English.” Fortunately or unfortunately, Czech was also the one who positively reconsidered from all perspectives and taught me that English is still a very important language. And I was greedy, thinking about my way to learn English while respecting my mother tongue and loving Czech. If I can be more greedy, I want to change the fear of someone else into courage by continuing to present the way I learn.

As mentioned above, my native language is Japanese. It’s obvious if you read the diary, but neither English nor Czech, nor compliments are fluent. That is why I would like you to read this and “correct” my text. What you can do with me is to guess and elaborate, “She probably wants to say something like this.” Moreover, It is also anonymous. When you select each date part of the diary, the screen changes. If you want to modify the text, edit it from there and send it. If your “corrected” text is closer to what I was looking for, I will silently correct and publish my diary. If someone else sends me a better text, I will overwrite it. And of course, I’m still studying, I may occasionally read it back and fix it myself. I do not respond to any personal comments, other than corrected text, on what I receive. However, it is welcome to teach me how to express in your native language or your favorite language besides Japanese, English and Czech. If, instead of telling me, you get something from this diary, it belongs to you. I always love my imperfections with all my heart. Then I want to share with you the joy of learning a foreign language and the many miracles it creates.


Well, Let’s play together. Until the world falls asleep,


September 1, 2020 Nao Umezawa